Human Resources


The Human Resources Department is responsible for administering employment programs, employee benefit programs, payroll, policies and procedures, recruitment, selection and retention for approximately 200 full-time employees.  

The City of Liberal employees enjoy benefits including competitive pay with excellent benefits.
Applications are available at the Human Resources office, located in City Hall, 324 N. Kansas Avenue.  

The City of Liberal is an equal opportunity employer.  

City of Liberal Employee Benefits

  • Compensation: Employees receive a bi-weekly salary based on an hourly rate or projected annual rate over the course of 26 pay periods per year. The employee's base pay and eligible compensation will be subject to legally required deductions such as FICA (Social Security); federal, state, and/or local withholding taxes as required by location of residence and work); and voluntary deductions that are authorized by the employee for participation in City sponsored benefit plans.
  • Group Health, Dental, and Life Insurance: All regular full-time employees are eligible for the City's group medical and dental insurance plan. The City offers different tiered plans based on eligible coverage.  Employee and dependent  coverage is based on a small fee to the employee.  Life insurance is also provided to the employee. Temporary, seasonal and part-time employees are not eligible for this benefit.
  • Additional Insurance Coverage: Regular full-time employees may select additional insurance plans from of the various system-approved carriers who offer additional insurance options. The selections and participation of an additional insurance plan is at the employee's expense.
  • Retirement Plan: Full-time employees are required to participate in the Kansas Employees Retirement System (KPERS). Authorized Fire and Police personnel are required to participate in the Kansas Police and Fireman's Retirement System (KP&F).
  • Additional Retirement Investment Plans: Employees may select an additional retirement investment plan from one of the various system-approved carriers who offer investment options. The selection and participation of an additional retirement plan is at the employee's expense.
  • Paid Vacation, Sick, Personal and Wellness Days.