Animal Control

Duties & Responsibilities

The Liberal Animal Control Department is responsible for responding to calls for service regarding violations of Kansas law and ordinances of the City of Liberal involving animals. These services include:

Rabies Control

  • Immediate investigation of animal bites
  • Enforcement of mandatory rabies quarantines
  • Coordinate rabies testing and post exposure referrals
  • Maintaining records of biting animals
  • Lifesaving information to the public about rabies

Enforcement of Chapter 2

  • Enforcement of leash laws
  • Required rabies vaccination of dogs and cats
  • Required minimum standards for animal care, including neglect & cruelty investigations
  • Enforcement of Pit Bull dog requirements

Nuisance Abatement

  • Humane trap rental and removal of nuisance and abandoned cats.
  • Referrals for help with nuisance wildlife removal

Other Services Provided

  • Immediate pickup and care to sick or injured un-owned animals
  • Assistance to law enforcement personnel
  • Dead animal pickup from city streets and curbs for the public
  • Motor Vehicle Inspections


Animal Control/Community Service is composed of 5-uniformed civilian employees, and 1 commissioned officer whose main duties are the operation of the Liberal Animal Shelter and enforcement of both City Code and State Statues governing the ownership and treatment of animals.