• Program that allows persons accused of a crime to possibly avoid a conviction 
  • Contract between the Defendant and the City Prosecutor 
  • Must comply with certain conditions

If you successfully complete all of the conditions of your diversion program, your charges will be dismissed.You are required to attend your arraignment date issued on your Notice to Appear.  At this date, you can inform the Judge of your intention to apply for diversion. 


  • Generally available for those persons that have not been convicted or received diversion fro the same or similar offenses 
  • Generally is not available for traffic offenses

If you are accepted into Diversion Program:

  • If program is successfully completed, the City will dismiss the charges against you
  • If program is not successfully completed, your diversion is revoked / would be required to answer to the charges against you

If you enter into the Diversion Program, you will be waiving your rights to have a speedy arraignment and speedy trial and you will be waiving your trial rights.