Public Information

  1. Complaints & Commendations

    Learn how to file a complaint or to submit a compliment to the Liberal Police Department.

  2. Most Wanted

    View the Police Department's most wanted individuals.

  3. Neighborhood Watch

    Neighborhood Watch is a network of neighbors trained by crime prevention officers in home and self-protection, suspect identification, and how to serve effectively as additional eyes and ears for law enforcement agencies in their community.

  4. Police Blotters

    View police blotters notifying the public of recent crimes, criminal activity, or press releases from the Liberal Police Department.

  5. Police Recruitment

    Learn about the salary and benefits of working for the Liberal Police Department.

  6. Racial Bias Notice

    The Liberal Police Department is committed to unbiased law enforcement conduct.

  7. Resources & Links

    Find federal, state, and local resources regarding missing children, consumer protection, gangs, and more.