Animal Control

Officers are available 24 hours a day for emergencies at:

Duties & Responsibilities

The Liberal Animal Control Department is responsible for responding to calls for service regarding violations of Ordinances of the City of Liberal involving animals. These services include:

Rabies Control

  • Immediate investigation of animal bites
  • Enforcement of mandatory rabies quarantines
  • Coordinate rabies testing and post exposure referrals
  • Maintaining records of biting animals
  • Lifesaving information to the public about rabies

Enforcement of Chapter 2 of the Liberal City Code

  • Enforcement of leash laws
  • Required rabies vaccination of dogs and cats
  • Required minimum standards for animal care, including neglect & cruelty investigations
  • Enforcement of vicious animal regulations

Nuisance Abatement

  • Humane trap rental and removal of nuisance and abandoned cats.
  • Referrals for help with nuisance wildlife removal

Other Services Provided

  • Immediate pickup and care to sick or injured un-owned animals
  • Assistance to law enforcement personnel
  • Dead animal pickup from city streets and curbs for the public


Animal Control/Community Service is composed of 5 civilian officers whose main duties are the operation of the Liberal Animal Shelter and enforcement of City Code governing the ownership and treatment of animals.