K9 Unit

Duties & Responsibilities
The Liberal Police Department's Canine Unit utilizes a highly trained police canine to assist in a variety of specialized and often dangerous circumstances.

PSD (Patrol Service Dog) Rex is a Belgium Malinois and he has proven to be an extremely valuable resource in the effective investigation and suppression of criminal activity. He also has served as an effective training tool to help teach children to resist drugs and violence.
On-Call Assignments
PSD Rex is assigned to Corporal Chris Head and as team they work on a patrol shift.  They are also on-call and available for use by the Patrol Division, Special Response Team, special projects, drug investigations, as well as being regularly utilized by surrounding law enforcement agencies.

Patrol Functions
Rex is a duel purpose dog. This means he is utilized for the detection of illegal drugs, as well as patrol functions including:
  • Building and open field searches
  • Crowd control
  • Handler/officer protection
  • High risk criminal apprehensions
  • Searching for discarded evidence
  • Tracking of fleeing criminals or lost persons
In order to be a certified K9 team, Corporal Head and PSD Rex attended the Kansas Highway Patrol K9 Academy in 2011. After completing the academy, the 2 still maintain a rigorous training schedule to ensure top performance from both K9, and handler.