Conduct & Compliance


If at any time drivers feel they are in an unsafe situation, they will have the right to exercise judgment, stop the vehicle, and ask passengers to de-board or call authorities if needed. Inappropriate conduct, including behaviors which present a danger to other passengers, will not be tolerated. These include but are not limited to:
  • Arguing
  • Engaging in any type of business, legal or illegal, on the bus or at a bus stop
  • Fighting
  • Intoxication
  • Playing loud audio devices
  • Harassing sexually
  • Threatening drivers or passengers
  • Using foul or derogatory language including excessive conversation

Compliance Policies

  • Anyone who poses a safety hazard to him/her or others by misplaced bodily fluids will be denied bus service.
  • At the driver’s discretion, riders who engage in persistent inappropriate and/or dangerous behavior may be required to de-board.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the bus.
  • No other food or drink may be consumed on the bus except for medical purposes allowed by drivers.
  • No smoking is allowed within 20 feet of vehicles or 50 feet of the Liberal Transit office or garage entrance.
  • No tobacco usage or open containers, no weapons or ammunition and no hazardous material such as car batteries, gasoline, or propane are allowed in City Bus vehicles.
  • If passengers are found to violate any of the aforementioned rules, they will be asked to de-board immediately and will not be allowed to ride anymore that day.

Offenses & Suspensions

  1. If riders refuse to de-board when asked to do so by drivers for any of the reasons above, the police will be called to escort him/her off the vehicle, resulting in a 1st offense.
  2. A 2nd offense will result in a 30-day suspension.