No Shows & Cancellations

No Show Policy

A “No Go” occurs when riders do not cancel a reservation at least two hours before the start of the scheduled pick up window and do not take the trip. This includes failing to be ready to board the bus within 5 minutes of its arrival during the pick-up window and/or cancelling when the bus arrives.

This is a serious infraction of City Bus rules. Liberal Transit will attempt to contact riders who are not at the pick-up location when the vehicle arrives to let them know they must come to the vehicle or receive a No Go. If riders cannot be contacted, a message will be left on an answering machine if available.

If riders cause a No Go on the 1st half of a round trip, the 2nd half will be cancelled unless they contact Liberal Transit immediately to retain the 2nd half of the round trip. Liberal Transit will make every effort to dispatch a vehicle for these riders with the understanding that it will be on a 1st availability basis.

No Go Fees & Suspensions

Riders will receive a warning in writing after the 4th No Go within 6 months. After the 6th No Go within 6 months, riders will be sent a suspension letter resulting in a 30-day suspension of service. 

Emergencies & Errors

Because only 2 hours notice is needed to cancel, it is anticipated that most riders will be able to cancel in a timely fashion. Riders are not penalized for using a No Go if it occurs due to sudden emergencies which make it impossible for them to cancel. Riders are not penalized using a No Go if the bus arrived after the end of the pick-up window or if a reservation error was made by the dispatcher. Riders are encouraged to discuss their record with staff if they feel they a No Go is in error. Disputes regarding this policy will be referred to the Liberal Transit office through the grievance procedure.