Grievance Procedures

This grievance procedure has been developed to assure passengers of fair and equitable access to City Bus services. In the event of suspension, information outlining the appeals process will be sent with a suspension letter. When a rider has any problem, the following procedure should be followed to resolve the conflict:
  1. Each rider is expected to communicate to the Transit Supervisor in writing regarding ride-related actions, occurrences, or attitudes perceived as unfair or inequitable. A rider who believes he/she has suffered a grievance should communicate the matter to the Transit Supervisor within 5 working days of the occurrence of the alleged grievance in an attempt to arrive at a satisfactory solution.
  2. The Transit Supervisor will have 5 working days to respond while making every effort to resolve the grievance at this level.
  3. If a resolution is not reached, the details will be forwarded to a committee within 30 days for their review.