Carry-On Items

City Bus vehicles do not have space specifically designed for storage and anything other than carry-on baggage is not allowed on City Bus vehicles.

  • Riders may bring small packages and groceries on vehicles if space is available and if they maintain control of these items within their immediate seating area.
  • Any rider traveling with carry-on items must be able to board without assistance. Carry-on items must not interfere with passenger safety or obstruct the aisles. Due to time limitations, only 1 trip is allowed to remove all cargo and personal items.
  • Portable music devices such as radios, iPods, etc. must not be played at a volume that would disrupt the safe operation of the transit vehicle or annoy other passengers. Transit riders are required to use headphones for their radios or iPods while on board a transit vehicle as a courtesy to your fellow passengers.
  • Furniture or appliances are not permitted for transport aboard a City Bus vehicle.
  • No food or beverages may be consumed by passengers aboard a City Bus vehicle. Beverages should be transported in a spill proof container.
  • Flash photographs or the use of a laser pointer while on board a City Bus transit vehicle is extremely dangerous and not permitted.