Information Technology

The City of Liberal Information Technology (IT) Department provides technical assistance to all internal and external departments within the City of Liberal organization. The IT department manages 150+ servers and workstations and currently has on staff 2 full-time employees.

Management Responsibilities Include:
  • Servers (Windows/Unix/IBM)
  • Workstations
  • Printer Support
  • Network equipment (Firewalls/Switches/Wireless Infrastructure)
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Web Site Administration
  1. Technology News
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Technology News

  1. Watch a robot that irons clothes (and dreams) - CNET

    Commentary: Spanish robot TEO does something that you've always wished someone else could do for you.

  2. Facebook brings anti-terror initiative to UK following attacks - CNET

    "We know we have more to do," says Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg on tackling online extremism.

  3. Weekend Streaming: Get ready for 'Glow' on Netflix - CNET

    Netflix's newest original goes online and since we're running out of June find out which titles to catch before it's too late.

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Security Week News

  1. Configuration Error Embarrasses UK's Cyber Essentials

    The UK government's Cyber Essentials scheme has suffered an embarrassing incident; but one that can hardly be called a breach and certainly not a...

  2. Microsoft Extends Edge Bounty Program Indefinitely

    Microsoft this week announced that the Edge Web Platform bounty program launched for Windows Insider Preview (WIP) last year...

  3. OpenVPN Patches Remotely Exploitable Vulnerabilities

    OpenVPN this week patched several vulnerabilities impacting various branches, including flaws that could be exploited remotely...

  4. Testing in an Agile and DevOps World

    We live in a software-defined world.  Software touches just about everything we do. Any business trying to maintain their competitive advantages, or...

  5. Necurs Botnet Distributing Locky Ransomware via Fake Invoices

    The Necurs spam botnet has switched back to distributing the Locky ransomware in a campaign featuring messages disguised as...

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