Information Technology

The City of Liberal Information Technology (IT) Department provides technical assistance to all internal and external departments within the City of Liberal organization. The IT department manages 150+ servers and workstations and currently has on staff 2 full-time employees.

Management Responsibilities Include:
  • Servers (Windows/Unix/IBM)
  • Workstations
  • Printer Support
  • Network equipment (Firewalls/Switches/Wireless Infrastructure)
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Web Site Administration
  1. Technology News
  2. Microsoft Security Notifications

Technology News

  1. Land Rover Defender Trophy Edition is a callback to the Camel Trophy - Roadshow

    Only 220 will be sold, and it includes possible entry into a new off-road competition.

  2. The Land Rover Defender Trophy Edition is what my dreams are made of - Roadshow

    Land Rover finally came to its senses and painted the new Defender in a Camel Trophy tribute livery.

  3. Forza Motorsport 7 is dead, long live Forza Motorsport - Roadshow

    The Xbox racing sim is going the way of the dodo bird on Sept. 15, unless you already own it.

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Security Week News

  1. Researchers Publish Details on Recent Critical Hyper-V Vulnerability

    Security researchers at Guardicore Labs are sharing...

  2. How Low-level Hackers Access High-end Malware

    Hacking tool downloads from underground forums are increasing, and the tools are becoming more sophisticated; low-level hackers are gaining...

  3. BlackCloak Raises $11 Million for Its Executive Protection Platform

    BlackCloak, a company that provides cyber protection services for corporate executives and high-profile individuals, on Thursday announced that...

  4. Leaked Files From Offensive Cyber Unit Show Iran's Interest in Targeting ICS

    Classified files leaked from Iranian offensive cyber unit

    Turn Off, Turn On: Simple Step Can Thwart Top Phone Hackers

    Regularly rebooting smartphones can make even the most sophisticated hackers work harder to maintain access and steal...

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