Information Technology

The City of Liberal Information Technology (IT) Department provides technical assistance to all internal and external departments within the City of Liberal organization. The IT department manages 150+ servers and workstations and currently has on staff 2 full-time employees.

Management Responsibilities Include:
  • Servers (Windows/Unix/IBM)
  • Workstations
  • Printer Support
  • Network equipment (Firewalls/Switches/Wireless Infrastructure)
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Web Site Administration

Security Week News

  1. Google Fi Data Breach Reportedly Led to SIM Swapping

    Google Fi informs customers about a data breach related to the recent T-Mobile cyberattack and some users claim they were targeted in a SIM swapping attack

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  2. Sentra Raises $30 Million for DSPM Technology

    Sentra, a cloud data security company with roots in New York and Tel Aviv, has raised a $30 million as investors continue to place big bets on the data security posture management category.

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  3. Cyber Insights 2023: Artificial Intelligence

    The degree of danger that may be introduced when adversaries start to use AI as an effective weapon of attack rather than a tool for beneficial improvement is still unknown.

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  4. Cyber Insights 2023: Attack Surface Management

    Attack surface management is nothing short of a complete methodology for providing effective cybersecurity. It doesn’t seek to protect everything, but concentrates on areas of IT infrastructure that can be attacked.

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  5. Cyber Insights 2023: Cyberinsurance

    The question for 2023 and beyond is whether the cyberinsurance industry can make a profit without destroying its market.

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    Information Technology

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