Information Technology

The City of Liberal Information Technology (IT) Department provides technical assistance to all internal and external departments within the City of Liberal organization. The IT department manages 150+ servers and workstations and currently has on staff 2 full-time employees.

Management Responsibilities Include:
  • Servers (Windows/Unix/IBM)
  • Workstations
  • Printer Support
  • Network equipment (Firewalls/Switches/Wireless Infrastructure)
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Web Site Administration
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Technology News

  1. I went to buy a Pixel 2. Verizon tried to sell me a Galaxy S8 - CNET

    Commentary: Verizon is Google's exclusive partner for the Pixel 2 phone. But I wouldn't have known that after a chat with a Verizon salesman.

  2. Shaun's high-end audio and video obsession led to this - CNET

    In this installment of CNET's Show Us Yours, Shaun's gives us a tour of his insanely upscale audio system and downstairs home theater. Don't ask how much it cost.

  3. KEF’s R300 speaker is a knockout - CNET

    The Audiophiliac loves the KEF R300 stand-mount speaker’s sleek design and rich sound.

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Security Week News

  1. Energy Regulator Acts to Improve Power Grid Security

    With growing concern over nation-state cyber attacks comes an increasing need to secure the critical infrastructure. In the Quadrennial Energy...

  2. Booz Allen to Acquire AI-based Morphick

    Contracting giant Booz Allen is to acquire cybersecurity firm Morphick. Few details have been made public -- there is no statement on the price involved...

  3. Locky Uses DDE Attack for Distribution

    While continuing to spread via spam emails sent by the Necurs botnet, the

  4. Driving Security Orchestration with Your Cyber Threat Intelligence Playbook

    A newish buzzword in the cybersecurity world is “orchestration”. Which to me is the junction where people, process and technology all come...

  5. EquiFIX - Lessons Learned From the Most Impactful Breach in U.S. History

    While Equifax is the latest major data breach to...

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