Information Technology

The City of Liberal Information Technology (IT) Department provides technical assistance to all internal and external departments within the City of Liberal organization. The IT department manages 150+ servers and workstations and currently has on staff 2 full-time employees.

Management Responsibilities Include:
  • Servers (Windows/Unix/IBM)
  • Workstations
  • Printer Support
  • Network equipment (Firewalls/Switches/Wireless Infrastructure)
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Web Site Administration
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Technology News

  1. Nintendo unveils 2DS XL, a $150 portable game system - CNET

    New handheld will play all Nintendo 3DS, new Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS games, but in 2D.

  2. A Farsighted look at Iron Man suits, VR and tech worth investing in (Farsighted Podcast, Ep. 7) - CNET

    The Farsighted crew is joined by Adam Draper, founder of Boost VC, which invests in startups working on a real hoverboard and other technology straight out of science fiction.

  3. Kickass Torrents to be blocked Australia-wide within weeks - CNET

    The Australian Federal Court has ordered the country's ISPs to block Kickass Torrents, but just how many different domains will they have to chase down?

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Security Week News

  1. Get Your Security in Shape for the Public Cloud

    Summer will be here before we know it and for many that means getting off the couch and in shape, but you need a workout program that’s...

  2. State-Affiliated Hackers Responsible for Nearly 1 in 5 External Data Breaches: Verizon DBIR

    The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is industry's go-to analysis of...

  3. DoD Launches "Hack the Air Force" Bug Bounty Program

    Following the success of the “Hack the Pentagon” and “Hack the Army” initiatives, the U.S. Department of Defense announced on Wednesday the...

  4. New SCADA Flaws Allow Ransomware, Other Attacks

    Ransomware attack on SCADA

    UK Government Complains After Twitter Cuts Data Access

    The British government has complained to Twitter over a block on access to data from the social network, which it was reportedly using to track...

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